Hi, I’m Noelia

I have been working 12 years in private companies, always close to logistics and budget management, at all levels, and 14 years within the humanitarian sector, focused on socio-economic development with a thorough global view of a company.


Our service starts with a first consultation, which is usually enough to help you decide what you want for your company in regards of your concern or need.

It is essential for companies to seek a second opinion from management consultants for several reasons. Firstly, an external perspective brings fresh insights and objectivity, allowing consultants to identify blind spots or inefficiencies that may have been overlooked internally. 
Secondly, consultants have diverse industry experience and access to best practices, which can lead to innovative solutions and improvements in business processes.
Additionally, management consultants can offer an unbiased assessment of a company’s strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for more effective decision-making and strategic planning.
Environmental consulting allows businesses to navigate complex infrastructure and operational challenges, enhance their brand reputation, and build stronger relationships with consumers and suppliers. 
It  is a proactive step that not only benefits the planet and the people in it, but also empowers companies and administrations to thrive in an evolving socio-economic landscape.
Embracing an environmental operations focus is not just a responsible choice, but also a strategic decision that prepares companies for long-term success.

Executive coaching provides a personalized and focused approach to development, empowering leaders to hone their strengths, address their weaknesses, and navigate complex decision-making scenarios. 

Staff coaching will provide the basement for make the investment on sustainable management a long term benefit.
This not only fosters better communication and collaboration within the organization but also equips employees with the tools to effectively manage change, inspire teams, and drive innovation.
A well-crafted marketing strategy, tailors messages and approaches to resonate with these unique nuances, ensuring relevance and connection with target audiences worldwide.
Strategic market analysis allows businesses to identify untapped opportunities, anticipate challenges, and adapt their offerings to meet local preferences while maintaining a consistent brand identity.
By aligning your expansion efforts with a robust marketing strategy, companies can effectively navigate the complexities of global markets, establish a strong foothold, and achieve sustained growth across borders.


Since 2020 we officially belong and certify our members in the broadest and most used international sustainable standards in the market, providing with an operational and strategical guideline to evolve your business and become and eMPRINT

More and more our staff has a broader origin:

  • we work or have base in different countries
  • it has become easier to have our clients or vendors  from abroad
  • and our staff comes from varied backgrounds due to  talent detection, migration, inclusion, exchange profesional programs, etc.

It is crucial to understand differences, to get the 3d·WIN effect, 

– benefit for our operations and relations

– diversity management at home or abroad

– locally respected decision making

We build your capacity and that of your company in two ways:

  • Learning: Identify the gaps, design the path & content and provide the information sessions and trainnings you and your company needs
  • Documentation revision: develope and/or implement strategies, plans, manuals, protocols, etc.

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